The Pazo da Escola is situated in a country place, surrounded at the same time by an acknowledged touristic area such as Valle Miñor. This area creates an amalgam of very interesting and beautiful places, where beaches of fine sand and the green of forests: the peninsula of Monteferro, with its monument to the seamen, is a palpable sample of this conjugation.


Taking into account the cultural atmosphere, we have to say that the Pazo is situated in one of the most prolific parishes of the city council of Gondomar, with very hospitable people, ready to participate in any activity that make possible a socio –cultural progress and a better local coexistence, and with the visitors who come to the parish of Mañufe, making them feel like home.

All of this makes of the Pazo da Escola in the parish of Mañufe a suitable place for the visitor who wants to spend an unforgettable holiday