The Pazo da Escola is a rustic touristic institution, established in the manorial building called Pazo de Mendoza. It is situated in the quarter of Moreira, in Mañufe, and it was founded in the 18th century by D. Policarpo de Mendoza.

Recently restored, the Pazo has an U form, with wine vaults and stables, and an inside yard and porches. The outbuildings of the lodging were on the first floor, where the original fireplace, of great beauty and considerable dimensions is kept.

The rooms of this Pazo are of a bigger than the rooms of other Pazos. In the east side of the north wing there is a great heraldry with the weapons of Mendoza.
All the land property is fenced with a wall of approximately 2 metres height. In the south side, and adjacent to the path, there are two front doors: one of them of small dimensions and the second one, the main one, situated at the rignt of the first one.

In the external side of the building we find lots of references to the agricultural work of the time: a good example is the “eira” of stone, a place to “mallar” (beat) the wheat and other cereals.
Likewise, it has a quite big granary built on pillars, with a suntial on the upper side; the suntial is quite well conserved.
Finally, we have to say that the Pazo has not got a chapel in the inside (something typical of this kind of buildings), due to the nearness of the parochial church, just to the other side of the path.