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The House
All the rooms in this house have got a different name, making reference to some of the most remarkable quarters of the parish of Mañufe. Every room has a different colour, and a different ornament, making them unique, as every quarter of this parish.
Hall – San Vicente
This place has its name in honour of the saint patron of Mañufe: San Vicente. One of the neuralgic points of the house is the reception, the place where those who arrive and those who leave meet just for a moment. The Pazo is a place for resting and amusemet, where you can find someone who informs you about all you need to know at every moment. Here, the old cellar of the house, is still the “lagar”, the place where wine was made.

Dining – room San Blas
The fair of San Blas is one of the oldest and known ones in the Val Miñor. On February the 3rd, the citizens of the parish and outskirts went to the Mañufe Church in order to pray the Saint for his lives. The main pleas to the Saint were to recover from the throat.
Once the mass ended, people used to stay in the outskirts and enjoy the delights they had brought with them in their baskets, and that was the way to celebrate the fair of their Saint. Nowadays, on February the 3rd, this fair is celebrated.
Due to this piece of history, this dining – room was named San Blas and it is usually used to celebrate a real gastronomic feast, where you will enjoy the most typical meals of the area.
Three meals are served in this dining-room for guests of the House: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can have in breakfast, apart from the typical items (milk, coffee, cocoa...) other things like juices, milk shakes, biscuits, “boleardos” (a kind of Galician homemade cookies), homemade honey, varied jams, homemade fruits (in season)... For lunch and dinner, you have two dishes, dessert, beverages (water, wine, soft drinks or beer), bread and coffee. Usually, a homemade menu is prepared, specially made for our guests, composed by typical dishes of our gastronomy. The kitchen equipment chooses and elaborates a different menu for each day.
And, of course, if the menu is not to guests’ taste, they can always make a request, or, if they prefer to go to the outer restaurant where they can have lunch and dinner à la carte.

Aunt Pepa Library
This is the most genuine place of the House. Formerly, it was the kitchen of the house, and the evidence of it is the “Lareira” (old kitchen) still situated here, that contributes to give the house a very friendly atmosphere.
Nowadays, the old kitchen gave rise to a place for rest and reading, but part of its origins were kept, and everyone that visits this area can take a coffee, an infusion, or a soft drink, made by himself, in order to recover one´s strength.
The name of this library comes from a woman who was born in this House, and who spent most of her life into this old kitchen between cooking pots and kettles, one of her favourite places. Her recipes are still alive, and her passion for cooking was transmited to the present generation of the family of “Pazo da Escola”.

Music Room – San Sebastián
Here you can stay listening to music from all ages and styles during hours. This place, called San Sebastián, owes its name to a venerated saint of Mañufe, from a chapel of the quarter with the same name. The chapel, situated in a forest, is an excellent observatory from which you can see from the Baiona Bay to Praia América.

Los Salones

The restaurant is composed by two independent rooms, but comunicated between them. It has a capacity for 70 people, approximately, and it is situated in the old shed of the Pazo. It was restored very carefully, trying to keep the old aesthetics, preserving, for example, the old stone columns, or the wood beams inside the restaruant. In an idependent way from the hotel, this restaurant is prepared to offer the best service to everybody, lodged or not at the Pazo, who wants to enjoy the meals here prepared.
For meetings or happy events, the restaurant has an outside tent service, situated in the gardens, to contemplate a different atmosphere. Taking an apperitif in the open air, enjoying the good weather, being in direct contact with nature, makes possible that people admire the sights in a closer way to nature.
Every meal cooked in the restaurant kitchen is a typical one of this area and of the traditional Galician cooking. Seafood from our estuary, fishes ( icht, angler...) and Galician meat ( lamb, veal, chine of pork...) are the basis of our menus, taking into account our medleys and the vegetables cultivated in Mañufe. Besides, and complementing these delights, we have our ample homemade dessert menu: legacy of our ancestors, and inherited generation to generation ( fried milk, drunk crêpes, “filloa”, “rexóns” cake...) all of this cooked as long ago, and sprinkled with our best wines. That’s the way we do to become the restaurant of “Pazo da Escola” an unforgettable place to everyone that visits it.

The landed property
The “Pazo da Escola” is surrounded by over 10.000 m2 of land with typical constructions of Pazos. The “Eira”, the place of stone where grain was grinded, is nowadays a border in a garden to rest. The “Canizo” (granary built on pillars), where the gathered corn were kept, and, right there, a suntial.
All through the landed property we find lots of decorated trees, as the camelia tree, typical from Pazos, and fruit-trees (apple trees, chesnut trees, walnut trees, plum trees, pear trees...) and vinestocks of Albariño. Besides, we have a place to shelter the different kind of animals typical from country places: rabbits, pigs, hens, sheeps, dogs... these animals conform our peculiar farm; we cannot forget our orchard, dedicated to the growing of vegetables.
Not much metres out of the landed property, is the Church and the parochial atrium of San Vicente of Mañufe, that’s why there is no chapel inside the Pazo (which is typical of Pazos).